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Keith Ozsvath - Demystify the_Slide_ Playing &_Teaching the_Trombone.png
Don’t let your trombone skills SLIDE away! This course covers essential skills and knowledge including warm-ups, lip slurs, airflow, slide technique, legato tonguing, maintenance, and more. You’ll become more proficient on the instrument, as well as gain valuable teaching tips. Designed for the practicing band director, students will participate in a weekly group lesson via Zoom. All handouts & resources are provided. Students will need a trombone, laptop, and webcam.
In Person
Keith Ozsvath - Vandercook Summer Band Director Workshop_.png

Spend a day at VanderCook for practical and meaningful professional development with expert music educators! Sessions will focus on rehearsal techniques, instrument pedagogy, teacher self-care, a Yamaha Harmony Director demonstration and more. The day will culminate with a reading session led by Alex Kaminsky, Director of Bands at VanderCook College of Music, followed by a social gathering. Workshop schedule COMING SOON.

Guest Clinicians:

  • Alex Kaminsky

  • Rachel Maxwell

  • Keith Ozsvath

  • Paul Fox

  • Lisa Hatfield

  • Don Stinson

  • Kim Richter

  • Julie Popplewell

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