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Music Teachers Share Their Best Classroom Management Tips

From the Teaching Music & More Facebook page, practicing music teachers and band directors share their best classroom management tips.

"The best classroom management is knowing your repertoire, having clear outcomes and strategies for achieving those outcomes. This keeps the students engaged in a productive, meaningful rehearsal!" - Bill

"The best classroom management is to keep them playing." - Steve

"Start every class with as little talking as possible. No talking if possible! Getting the kids primed to work diligently and silently starts right when the rehearsal does." - John

"Build meaningful relationships with your students. It’s an investment of time that pays dividends for all the years they are in your program. When students feel they are genuinely cared for and part of something great, they will do anything for you!" - Ryan

"Establish procedures and routines." - Dan

"Build a relationship with each student, carefully select repertoire, have a plan for the day, and be mindful of how you use your voice (pace, tone, inflection)." - John

"Having a sense of humor and daring to be vulnerable can do wonders in inspiring students and letting them know that we all share the same emotions. It is so crucial in an environment where we are asking students to express their very souls through the arts." - Ina

"Let the students have a choice in repertoire. Bach vs. Jack White? Whatever inspires them!" - Andrew

"Get to know your students! Building a positive rapport with even the most challenging student can provide a great platform on which to engage and connect to your outcomes." - Jordan

"Take any chance you can to observe your students in another setting. Any time I am asked to cover a class, have hall duty or can observe another teacher teaching my students, I learn more about them and gain insight in ways that I can do better." - Linda

Members further shared some great resources for improving classroom management. Check 'em out!

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