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Favorite Apps & Online Resources - Part I


  • Smore - create online newsletters, flyers, and even websites.

  • Canva - easily create beautiful designs & documents. Great for promoting concerts, fundraisers, and events on social media.

  • Poster My Wall - create amazing posters & graphics for your music program.


  • Flipgrid - enables teachers to create opportunities for engagement, assessment, and collaboration through video. Great for playing assessments.

  • Quizizz - game-based alternative to Kahoot. Students can work at their own pace or timed. Play it live or assign as homework.

  • EDPuzzle - create engaging videos by adding questions, prompts, and more. Plickers - students use cards to answer questions. Teacher scans students’ answer cards with their smartphone to collect data in real-time.

Organization & Productivity

  • Google Keep - note-taking app. Accessible across multiple devices. Integrates with Gmail & Google Calendar.

  • Evernote - website, app, and browser add-on. Essentially a giant cloud-based virtual file cabinet. Enables users to tag, sort, and organize a variety of file and media formats. Professionally, I use it store and organize music advocacy articles.

  • Loom - screen and webcam recording. Great for creating instructional videos for students.

Smartphone Apps

  • Spotify - digital music streaming service. Create playlists of concert, jazz, and classical music.

  • AnyTune - transpose, change tempo and change pitch of music tracks to play along with or practice.

  • Tempo - versatile metronome app with many features.

  • Tonal Energy - all in one tuner, metronome, recorder, and more to use individually or with the full ensemble.

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